Student Underwater Sculpture Project with Jason DeCaires

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I taught AS and A level Art and Design: painting and related media (CIE) at T.A Marryshow Community College from 2003-2009. In 2007, I approached the artist Jason De Caires who was building his first underwater sculpture park in the Caribbean. Together we organised and delivered a 2-day workshop for my A Level students where we created a sculpture for the park and later installed it.

This was an extremely exciting project, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.We have continued to enjoy the growth and success of Jason’s work across the globe. After the sculpture had been installed, we went on a snorkelling field trip to the park, where students were able to experience their sculpture in its new home, it was a wonderful day out.

I used this experience to create and deliver a component of the BTEC Level 3 Ideas and Concept unit, which you can see in a separate blog entry.


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Writing about Art- The 4-steps

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I created this resource to support students in writing about artists and their own art work. It uses scaffolded learning techniques and varied whole group, small group and individual activities, including a mix and matchgame and written activities. It has proven to be a very popular resource for art teachers on TES and received a 5 star rating.


Mix and match game:4-stepmixandmatch_(1)

Lesson Plan: Art criticism LP


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